A Better Future, Inc.

"We make it brighter"

JoAnn Bland


A transplant from New York, I've called New Orleans home for over 20 years. During that time, I've watched New Orleans grow into the thriving city we all love and cherish. But as amazing as this city is, I still see room for improvement through fixing forgotten and crumbling homes and providing them to those that might otherwise be priced out of our booming housing market.

I bring 15 years of property renovation experience to A Better Future, Inc.  I know quality work and materials and demand the best from all the contractors we work with.  I also have experience in corporate management, which comes in handy for keeping our projects on track, on time, and on budget.

Each home we rebuild is special to me.  I'm proud that our work improves the community and helps new homeowners achieve a better life.

Robin Fennidy


As a New Orleans native, I've dedicated my life to improving the community we share.  I spent years working with bright, energetic students as a teacher and basketball coach.  I also spent time working with those that had gone to prison and wanted a second chance at life.  I've experienced history unfolding during the devastation of Katrina and the strength our city showed rebuilding in the aftermath.

But when I look around and see abandoned and blighted housing, I know our work is not yet done.  My dream is to revitalize these homes so deserving people can join our community.  My lifetime in New Orleans has allowed me to build an extensive network of professionals who share the same dream.